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Thread: Found my rabbit's bones?!

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    Thank you for your replies. I think if he'd have been dug up by an animal or person that would have really upset me but it seems as though these 2 little bones have made their way to the surface through natural causes and that's what makes it okay, he wasn't 'disturbed' as such. I'm pretty positive they must belong to one of my rabbits and I'll re-bury them tomorrow. Even if it's not one of them, I still believe they should be buried and I'll feel better for doing so. xx
    - Emma

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    I know at work, at a stable yard, we used to find bones that had risen to the surface, all completely clean, mostly from larger animals though, most likely, by the look of them, horses

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    When I lost Lady Blue, Sidley and Rosie we find boxes (like shoe boxes) and we wrap them in a towel and place them into the box with their favorite items. Sidley was buried with dandelions and treats, Lady Blue was buried with a treat and her teddy and Rosie was buried with dandelions and a ball.

    We dig the holes pretty deep due to foxes and cats around us, also i don't wish to ever accidentally dig them up when planting flowers, or when we move away the new owners to disturb them.

    Sidleys grave has sunken slightly, i dont think we compacted it back properly, but otherwise we've been lucky and their graves are un touched

    Im moving next month and feel like im leaving them behind, i am always talking to them when i go out front
    Defiantly planning on making a memorial site when i get my own place.
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