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Petplan seem to be regarded as the safest option but their excesses and premiums are really high for older bunnies so that's something to bear in mind. Elijah's insurance (now aged nearly 8.) is 250 a year, the excess is 100 plus 20%). I will get benefit from Elijah's insurance but with my bunnies that don't have pre-exiting conditions I've actually cancelled as I don't think I'm going to get value out of them so opted to go without. If buying a policy now I'd probably go for Helpucover but I'm really not sure. The old P@H terms re premiums v excess was the only one I was truly happy with.

12 hours and 15 minutes is a long time with no other replies.

Don't worry about your P@H policy. Sadly P@H are not doing new policies on the old terms and conditions they are now using Petplan to provide insurance for them so are going by Petplan T&C which basically means as there is 2,000 allowance so the premiums are higher BUT this is just for new policies. If you have a policy predating them using Pp then you will stick with your old T&C so the premium will rise but not by much. The main reason I liked the old P@H T&C is the excess didn't change in the bunny's lifetime, it's not extortionate when they get to 5+ years.