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Thread: Could boredom be causing aggression?

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    Default Could boredom be causing aggression?

    Sorry for the long post here....
    On Friday morning when I let buns into the garden a fight broke out after 5 mins between Hugo and earnest. Effie and Hank were hiding in the run refusing to go near them so I think it might have been going on during the night too. Checked earnest over as he is more of a human loving bun and he had no injuries but was really worried about Hugo being such a small bun getting into it with a conti so rushed him to the vets. He didn't have any wounds at all from the fight so all ok.
    Contacted the rabbit man at fbrc who bonded them and he told me to take a step backwards with space and start slowly increasing it again as things settle (it's possible that the garden space was just too big to give them all at once so we have to divide it up and give them it back gradually). Told us to give them at least 48h in their "safe space" before we start adding more space.
    Buns have been in the shed for 48h now and yesterday the 3 boys spent 2 hours in a 3 bunny pileup sleeping - Effie is not very interested in joining in group activities other than meal times but is good one on one with the other buns.
    Today just as we approached the 48h mark and were discussing opening the flap to the run, Hugo started chasing Hank which made earnest chase off Hugo (he's Hank's bff today), and then Effie started chasing earnest (she's Hugo's bff now it seems), then Hank runs off Effie....
    All over in 20 seconds and no fights broke out, all buns seemed to be defending their preferred bun for the day and immediately went nose to nose with their preferred bun to check they were OK.
    Don't want to keep bothering the bunny man with questions.
    Could boredom have caused Hugo to lash out? Should I keep them in the shed for another 24h or do you think I can open the flap and give them the run? There has been no more chasing since

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    Frustration can cause aggression, but usually it's more over something acute e.g. they are super excited as you are about to open the door/put food in the bowl/hand out treats and that excitements boils over into aggression.

    How big is the run? If it's very big then you could partition off the closest big and gradually increase. Having the door open to a space they haven't accessed for a short time might also be exciting so you could try letting each one have a couple of minutes on their own to sniff around and get over that initial excitement and then it won't be as exciting when you let them all out together.

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    The run is 60sq ft but about 8sq ft is taken up by digging box and another 6 or so is taken up by their hidey hut thing. I have the option to bring it down to an 8x4 rectangle.

    Not sure what started it, was working in the garden all day and had the top half of their door open to let air circulate, they could definately see or at least hear me all day. Heard a bit of a scuffle so popped my head over the door and that was what the noise was.



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