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Thread: Facial aesthetics

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    I don't know anyone who has their eyebrows tattooed but it is something i would consider if I knew they would turn out ok! My eyebrows have got really thin as I've got older, I don't even have to have them waxed very often these days as they just don't grow much. When I am going out I do have to 'draw' them on - I use an eyebrow kit to fill them in though rather than actually draw big brows. I agree that a lot of drawn on ones look quite OTT. I know a few people who have had Botox and they tend to be younger rather than my age (early 40's), not really something I'd do I don't think.
    A lot of people i know have botox. I'm 31. I've had botox since i was 26.

    Maybe it's neither a regional or age thing. Maybe it's just a who you hang round with kinda thing.
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    I have botox on my forehead and shoulderblades. But not for vanity, for chronic migraine. Needles don't bother me in the slightest but some of the 30+ injections can be very painful. I don't get why people would do it for vanity. I wouldn't if it didn't give me a modicum of pain relief for 6-8 weeks.

    eta - though of course it is a personal choice. I'm just not that way inclined to think it's worth it for the sake of looks for me. Always makes me roll my eyes when someone says my treatment has the added bonus of combatting ageing.
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