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Thread: Indoor housing for mini lops

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    Default Indoor housing for mini lops

    Hi - I am a new owner who will be getting 2 bunnies at the end of the month. I will be keeping them inside and would like to build them a kind of c&c style home. I am just unsure about where I can buy the wire mesh from and what size grid I would need for mini lops.

    Any help would be really great - thank you!!!

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    I don't use the c&c grids but I think you can get them from amazon or eBay. Have you had a look at the indoor housing sticky? There are some links and photos on there

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    Could you instead bunny proof either a room for them or, even better, the whole of your house?

    I found this to be much cheaper, and easier, than building a cage which would take up a lot of space!

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    Thank you - I will consider the room idea as I had planned to put the cage in there anyway - so might be easier to simply give them the room! Plus I want them to be out and about downstairs as much as possible I just thought they might need their own little home to hide in if they felt a bit worried.

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    There are many C and C distributors including some websites that sell them with the correx

    I agree with the others as C and C cages can often be flimsy for rabbits.

    Bunny proofing a room would probably be better, maybe with a cage with a hay rack, litter tray and water bowl for when you have to temporarily shut them away.

    Outdoor wire pens can be used to fence off areas you don't what them to access.

    Hope this helps



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