So as I've mentioned previously, I have a Neatherland on palliative care who lives with 3 other bunnies. The alpha female started to exile her from the group, then the rest started to.

Now I know this is typical behaviour of grouped animals when a member of the 'pack' is weakened in some way, and totally instinct based and a natural process. So I tried to rebond for several weeks indoors. Tried banana on the head, tried no items in the enclosure to avoid territorial behaviour etc. It all seemed to be OK for several days then the chasing began again.

I think it's starting to effect her emotionally now. Now she just runs away, and it encourages the chasing, biting and full on fighting more.

It's at the point where I've taken her away for the afternoon from the group to eat grass in peace while the others stay as a trio.

I have a responsibility to them all, but her especially as she's got multiple health related problems. She's peaceful on her own, and actually starts to eat again when she's away from them.

They've all lived together for years, and I'd never expected to have to split them up and it's painful thinking of the options, but I'm honestly thinking about rehoming the other 3 as a trio and keeping her and her needs to herself.

I really REALLY don't like the idea of her living on her own, but realistically, the stress of living even with one other rabbit scares me, and frankly, it's not helping her emotionally.

I tried keeping just her and my neutered boy with her, and he attacks her violently, a rabbit who has always been docile.

What do I do? I'm torn but her health and medical background surely makes her priority?

Please help me make the right decision. What do I do?

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