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Hi, I have a mesh door that can be used instead of a solid one in warmer weather because I too was worried about overheating. I am going to section off a 'bedroom' area now as suggested. The entire hutch is waterproofed inside and out so can never become wet or damp. They will have a large litter tray (with hay rack above). Thank you for your comments
It's not just an issue with weather (ie rain getting in) - there will be condensation from the living, breathing animals. If there is no air flow (eg via mesh), the moisture will form condensation which will allow bedding to become damp and mould spores will grow. Wet or damp bedding also gets cold. Those conditions are not good for them. Healthy rabbits cope with cold if they have somewhere dry and sheltered to keep warm (and each other to snuggle up with).

I use a loose cover over the mesh areas in winter and bad weather. It allows the inside areas to breathe and remain dry whilst keeping out the rain and wind.