Hi guys

You might have seen my previous post about us having to move and having to put the rabbits outside. For financial reasons, I no longer have to move and so the rabbits are staying indoors . My partner and I are getting married in June, we are going away for a 3 week honeymoon and have arranged for a family member to come and stay at ours to look after the animals.

For a number of reasons but mostly because it would help our family in looking after the rabbits when we are gone, to convert our spare bedroom into a rabbit room and go back to a C&C cage for our guinea pigs too. When people are home the rabbits would be back to complete free range however because the younger rabbit LOVES digging the sofa, I don't want that extra pressure left on the family member as well as looking after my furry children

I've looked on sticky posts at examples of bunny rooms and other galleries however my mind just isn't working when it comes to where I need to start to make this enjoyable and practical for them. I have VERY limited funds because all of our money is going on paying for the wedding ATM but have seen posts about DIY toys etc. The room measures 12' 4" x 7' 4" giving it a total of 91 sq ft.

After the wedding I want to buy things from Boyles and Manor Pet Housing as I know they would love the things on there, but unfortunately right now that isn't an option.

Thanks for reading