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Thread: Pet safe paint?

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    Thank you everyone, we got Cuprinol in the colour willow for the outside and love it! No problems For the inside I've bought some white paint from elsewhere but made sure it had the same ingredients as the Cuprinol x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babsie View Post
    That's strange - their Garden Shades always used to be advertised as animal safe and lots of us have used them to paint our hutches/runs.
    I was in my local paint shop today and the man who runs it told me Cuprinol shades have changed their formula to compete with ronseal garden paint. the new formula paints metal and masonry too.

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    "I'm afraid not Jennifer, as none of our coatings are suitable for rabbits. They can be used on the outside of the enclosure, but not internally or on the floor. I would recommend using pet-friendly products only to avoid any risk of them being harmed.Helen."

    That's what they told me via Facebook

    I will be using their paint to do my bunnies new shed, My bunnies bungalow is painted in their paint as well, but they haven't eaten any of it - luckily!

    I asked them because i was looking at using their waterproof paint to protect the shed floor, but after their response i'm not too sure now :/
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    Thank you for letting us know that Sharpie, I too had thought that Garden Shades were safe.

    I'm planning to paint my new shed in the next few weeks. Thinking of trying Lakeland paint or woodstain. I've been told by telephone that are organic and entirely safe for bunnies to chew. As they are water based I'm not sure about how much they protect the wood from rain but apparently they are designed to inhibit mould and algal growth.

    In the past I used one of these. Took ages to dry but works.



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