thank you Monty!

I do have a rabbit harness for them both, but then i'm not sure how i feel about letting them run with no supervision. Luna likes to jump on top of the cages getting herself stuck (and injuring herself, thank you, i needed a 50 vet bill after 200 for snoopy). the amount of times she's tried to jump from my bed onto a shelf, my chest of drawers, into the hay box. she managed to rip a dew claw off doing this once. not the first time she's done it though, she's managed to rip off two dew claws in her 2 year lifespan

if anything luna loves having her harness on. she fights me for around her neck but sits still and once its on its like its not even there! snoopy is the more angry one lol. he constantly tries to rip it off.