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Thread: My bunny died. How to deal with the grief ?

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    Default My bunny died. How to deal with the grief ?

    My bunny died 4 days ago. Since then i am really sad and crying. I cant stop thinking about that. Please help me what I need to do ? I was very rarely playing with my bunny but now I miss it a lot. It was almost 4 years old (got it 2014 around February or March didnít remember exact date). I had no pictures of it I made some when it was already dead Please help me to solve my problem. I will forever feel sad ?

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    Firstly, I want to say I'm very sorry for your loss.

    Grief is never an easy thing to deal with and different people do it different ways. Whenever I lose a bun, I find it very important and very therapeutic to write a memorial post on here, in the Rainbow Bridge section of the forum. It helps me remember the good times I shared with the bunny and the sad. It also provides a post to return to whenever I am feeling particularly sad and missing that specific bun. I don't think you will be forever sad, but hopefully there will be a time when you can look back on the past with your bun in a bittersweet way. Just because they've passed on, it doesn't mean you won't stop loving them and missing them, but time can make it easier to deal with.

    Take care of yourself in this time. xxx
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    I really feel for you because I know how sad it is to loose a bunny. I am still sad and think of my bunny Julie and it has been a couple years now. You came to the right place because you are now on a forum of bunny lovers that do understand some of what you are going through. It gets a little less raw and painful but I never forget her and think of her almost everyday.
    Just share how you feel and it might help to talk about your bunny when you are ready you might want to share some stories.

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    I found an in image of rabbit which looks exactly like mine:
    Can you tell me what is this breed ? Is this rare breed to find ? Every rabbit from this breed looks like this ?



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