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    Hi everyone, I'm sorry I haven't posted on her for ages but my three bunnies have all had bouts of statis one of them has had it over and over again. Very long story short and masses of trips to the vet all is now ok (knocking wood!). I had a very log chat to two different vets and explained their diet, living arrangements and even where I buy their hay etc. After very detailed examination of all three (one needed a dental and is recovering well now thank goodness) the vets can't find out why the statis keeps happening. I'm now keeping a day to day diary in case there's something I've missed but I'm really worrying now and waiting for the next episode!
    My question is, as I know the digestive system of a rabbit is similar to a horse and was wondering if the Hilton Herb Gastric X would help at all, what do you think (just a very small amount sprinkled on their pellets which they only have very few of)? From the list of ingredients it seems ok but in the current situation I really don't want to take any risks and make things worse. At the moment they are only on oxbow T pellets and ad-lib hay which is always fresh daily and that's it.
    All very strange really as they are all massive hay eaters.
    Any advice I'd be very grateful off.

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    Bumping up for you. I've not used it so don't know I'm afraid

    Binky free at the bridge Boots, you will never be forgotten xxxx

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    I have never used it either. Has your Vet mentioned getting your Rabbits all on to a pellet free diet. One that would be made up of a variety of hays, fresh and dried forages, fresh and dried herbs ? Obviously a pellet free diet is not appropriate for all Rabbits, but IME it has changed the lives of several Rabbits who had a history of repeated GI tract problems. It seems that some Rabbits do not do well on any pelleted feed as they cannot process the highly concentrated nutrition. They all seem to do A LOT better on a diet that replicates that of a wild Rabbit.

    Please dont make these changes without running it all by you Vet first,
    but here is a bit of reading for you to be going on with:

    This thread is long, but culminates in a stasis prone Rabbit going onto a Pellet free diet. Results so far are very encouraging :

    A Rabbit Savvy small animal Veterinary Surgery in Twickenham, SW London

    A map giving up to date, well researched and reliable details about reported cases of RHD2 within the UK. The map also gives details of locations of Vets reported to have access to the RHD2 Vaccine



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