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Thread: Food for an older bun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fennic View Post
    Thank you both! Shes never had large amounts of sugary foods (as researched when we had her given to us) thankfully she's been mostly healthy. Vaccinations done, teeth never needed any assistance but vet checked when vaccined, weights stayed regular (I weigh everyone monthly) of course always got the unlimited supply of hay and the usual necessary care. Will have a look at the links now.
    That's OK, sounds as though she is doing great

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fennic View Post
    Not at all, shes been stable for years, just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be feeding her anything that could over-cumber her organs being a little older or the likes hence my post.

    I have a six year old bun, and he behaves like a two year old!

    I will tell him he's old and see whether he gives me a nip



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