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Thread: Is having hay in a large lit tray enough?

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    Default Is having hay in a large lit tray enough?

    Hi everyone,

    After a lot off messing arround, I've set up the same underbed storage box that they didn't work when they also had hay in a troff.

    This is now where they get all thier hay from, and they have now stopped peeing on the floor [except when their really annoyed].

    I'm just a little worried that it's not enough fresh hay for them given that it's basically their lit tray?

    I give them extra hay throughout the day, and only keep maybe a third of less when I change them every morning.

    Ia this set up ok, or do I need to give them a source of clean, non lit, hay?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    I'm always really grateful for help and advice as worry about my bunnies all the time!


    P. S. I'm probably going to out back the carpet tiles at some point, now I've cleaned them and their urine free! Is this a good idea or should I just leave it alone now it works. I'm not sure what to do as when Ghibli was a single rabbit he was always really good when it came to lit behaviour, and peeing on floors, etc...

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