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Thread: Is having hay in a large lit tray enough?

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    Default Is having hay in a large lit tray enough?

    Hi everyone,

    After a lot off messing arround, I've set up the same underbed storage box that they didn't work when they also had hay in a troff.

    This is now where they get all thier hay from, and they have now stopped peeing on the floor [except when their really annoyed].

    I'm just a little worried that it's not enough fresh hay for them given that it's basically their lit tray?

    I give them extra hay throughout the day, and only keep maybe a third of less when I change them every morning.

    Ia this set up ok, or do I need to give them a source of clean, non lit, hay?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    I'm always really grateful for help and advice as worry about my bunnies all the time!


    P. S. I'm probably going to out back the carpet tiles at some point, now I've cleaned them and their urine free! Is this a good idea or should I just leave it alone now it works. I'm not sure what to do as when Ghibli was a single rabbit he was always really good when it came to lit behaviour, and peeing on floors, etc...

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    My four have three underbed storage boxes with newspaper, straw and hay. They also have a magazine rack full of hay which gets topped up every day.

    I reakon a hay rack just close to the storage boxes is a good plan so they can have poo free hay if required!

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    Adding an extra tray may also help along with Tulsi 's suggestion.

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    I know exactly where you're coming from. I used to worry that the hay in the litter tray would be too "soiled" for them to want to eat. I've got quite a long storage box from B & Q and I've actually found that they tend to go the loo at the ends and eat the clean hay in the middle. Like Tulsi I also top it up regularly during the day so they always have fresh hay to eat and I completely empty out and change it each morning.

    Interestingly enough the big litter tray is in the living room and they use that during the day and evening, and I have an extra one in the bedroom. During the night and early in the morning they like to pop into the bedroom and use that one instead. I often wake up in the middle of the night or early morning and hear them chomping on their hay. It's a very reassuring sound!

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    This is the way I've always fed my two! It works perfectly for me. They sit at the back and poop while they munch on the hay at the front. I've never found it a problem. I top up the front with fresh hay and herbs every night and swap it with a new litter tray every morning. I soak the old litter tray overnight with hot water and cider vinegar, it really cleans it without using harsh products. I use a massive cat litter tray as it's really deep. When I put a hay rack up they completely ignored it.



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