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Thread: Rabbit help, friend yes or no ??

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    Default Rabbit help, friend yes or no ??

    Hey guys, we had a rabbit at Christmas and he seemed to of settled in really well and has got a lively home a nice 2 tier cage and is only locked in when we are out and at night when we go to bed and the rest of the time he has the run of the courtyard and a concrete shed with a boiler in there where there is a cardboard box bed full of hay etc. He's has got loads of different toys and chews and I make different toys for him daily to keep him occupied and we try and spend as much time as we can with him but lately he has started to chew everything in sight, e.g. The garden gate and made a hole and escaped to the upper part of the garden, chewing his hutch, chewing boxes like mad, etc.

    He also was really good going in the litter tray we've got one in the cage and one outside and was going in them really well but now he seems to not use them it feels like we're going backwards not forwards with him.

    We're thinking of getting him a friend to keep him occupied and some company for him but don't have room for trap hutches if they don't get on so will be looking at adopting a bun as ours is all neutered now what is everyone's thourghts on this as some people say get a friend others say don't so abit confused.

    Sorry for long thread
    Hope you can help

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    Bunnies are definitely happier with other bunnies. If you get him a friend from a rescue they will usually do the bonding for you to make sure they are going to get on

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    It's definitely best to get him a friend. A neutered female is usually the easiest to bond with a male.

    It sounds like he'd also maybe benefit from access to a larger run on a 24/7 basis.

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    another one for yes!

    I had a single male house bunny, and thought we we're giving him all the love and attention he needed, however then took on another little female who I bonded with him, and I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes to them and how amazing it makes you feel when they cuddle up together, or when one run towards you and the other isn't far behind! so cute!

    If the bonding is done correctly with a neutered female, then I can't see any reason why anyone would suggest not to get him a friend... as others have said Rabbits are such social animals and 100% benefit from having a friend with them.

    Many rescues will offer to help with this process, plus the females are already neutered and fully vaccinated which is so much easier for you. Please keep us updated with how you get on
    Rest in peace my beautiful fur babies - Tango, Whiskey, Harvey & Honey **Forever in my heart**



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