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    What veg do you give most often to your bunnies?

    Mine like kale the best but don't know whether I give it too often?

    They only have carrots as a treat occasionally!

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    I was giving my 2 Kale every day and then the male got sludge in his urine, and when I researched it I found out the calcium content is high in Kale which contributed to the sludge. Since I eliminated it from their diet it cleared up. Now any veg I give them makes them gassy or bloated so I stick to fresh herbs and carrot tops/apple leaves/dandelion leaves.

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    I don't give it everyday. But it is their favourite. So I was giving it quite often. I have heard about kale and sludge before, but haven't seen any signs of it yet. But I may cut it down a bit more.
    Thank you

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    I'm giving my rabbit carrots,white cabagge( she doesn't want to eat red one and I don't really understand why), lettuce ( every kind, but she prefers iceberg lettuce, red chard). Most of the year my rabbit getting veg from my own garden so there are no chemical at all, just pure healthy veggie.

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    Here's a link to the House Rabbit Society website, they have a really good in-depth page with recommended veggies and how often to feed them:
    *scroll down for a list of veggies

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    Mine used to get fresh greens daily but they've gone off that so they either get black kale or broccoli. Once spring is fully here they'll get forage instead of veg.

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