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Thread: New bonding, litter training and bullying

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    I am in the process of pairing two mini rex rabbits. I have got a buck to put with my doe who was being quite aggressive and territorial. She seems to be dominating him and he sits in the litter tray because that's the only place she can't get to him. Will this settle down? It was her cage he has gone into so am thinking her scent is on everything. Trying to get a new cage asap.

    Also they are both pooing and weeing all over the floor when they have their exercise time in the kitchen. After searching I think this is marking territory and hope this will settle too. For the sake of the kitchen floor!

    At what point do you consider that the other is being bullied? She is keeping him away from the food dish and kicks him out of the litter tray when she wants to use it. I don't want to leave it if she is bullying as he is quite calm and seems to be getting a bit anxious whenever she goes near him.

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    Hello and welcome. It is quite often very difficult sometimes impossible to introduce a buck into a doe's environment. What I would do is separate them and find a neutral area where she has not been then reintroduce them in this. Always put the male in first as he really needs to be the dominant one and as she was with you first it isn't going to be easy to bond them. Females are so territorial - if you don't have a neutral area you could find someone (a local Rescue for instance) who will bond them for you. Once bonded I wouldn't try putting them back into her hutch as she will possibly remember it is hers even after you have neutralised it. Keep us posted.



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