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Thread: will my rabbits chew my clothes on my rail?

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    Default will my rabbits chew my clothes on my rail?

    my 2 bunnies live with me in my bedroom, my room is sectioned so they cant get under my bed or near any wires, however all my clothes are on 2 rails and are on the other side of the room where the hutch it, are they likley to start chewing my clothes that are long?none of then reach the floor but my dresses are reachable if they stand of there 2 legs, am i best to get a wardrobe?

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    Maybe put an old bit of clothing down and see if they are interested. Some rabbits are chewers others are diggers. Doughnut is a chewer but she's not interested in clothing at all, mainly lining paper, plaster, my walls taste very nice apparently.

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    I'd say there's a good chance they could. One of our indoor rabbits will chew anything and once jumped on our bed and chewed holes in my dh's jumper (to be fair, if he hadn't left it lying around lol) x

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    My girls figured out how to get into my wardrobe. Anything long enough was duly chewed! I have made a fastener from a hair bobble and that's sorted it, although they adore going in there- when I open it to get stuff out, they just appear! Maybe I should get them thier own wardrobe.



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