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Thread: House rabbit flooring advice needed- urgent

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    My buns will chew anything rubber or foam or soft plastic. I had a gate to keep them contained once. A few nibbles and they were free.

    Wood is good. I usually have cardboard houses for mine. They don't eat it as much as tear it. Either it's sticking time bomb or I'm lucky. But 3 years now and no blockages. I'm inclidlnded to say it's safe.

    I so plan on making them some sort of plywood hutch to replace their very disposable box houses.

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    Do they have hay to eat? A big box or tray (eg underbed storage box) full will help to distract them from chewing things that they shouldn't. I would watch their droppings for a few days to make sure that everything is passing through OK - or they may need an urgent vet visit.



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