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Thread: Older Rabbit Insurance Premiums? ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babsie View Post
    Oh, I'm so sorry; I just looked on their website.
    Don't apologise

    I haven't looked on their website yet .. Sounds a bit confusing!

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    Yeah don't go by me, defo ring thme, I have a habit of picking things up wrong. Their Facebook page had a few poor reviews. They were very helpful on the phone. I think I am going to go with Agria. You can chose what % of the bill to pay 0%, 10% or 20% and thd premium stays at 65. Thought they only do up to 5 years old. I was quoted 13.
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    I'm with NCI on a lifetime plan.

    I insured Will and Nancy when they were 3 and it was 8 a month each.

    At renewal last year Will's went up to 10 and Nancy's to 12 as I had had 2 claims for her for the same problem (not huge amounts).

    Renewal is due shortly so I'll report back on their premiums for this year as they will be 5.

    Will isn't covered for 'unexplained ' gi stasis but if it is the symptom of another illness it may be covered, depending on how the vet reports I guess.

    I had no issues with Nancy's claims.

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