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Thread: New Female and my existing husbun to be

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    Default New Female and my existing husbun to be

    hi there, in a couple of months time I will be taking Benji to a bonding bootcamp for a week to ten days to be (hopefully) successfully bonded with the new female rabbit we have reserved there.

    My question is, if the bonding there goes well and they accept each other as friends, how do I go about bringing them home where the living room is my existing bunny's home and is not a neutral space
    Will the neutral space situation still have to apply if they have been bonded for us already.

    Benji is a free range rabbit you see and this is the place he knows so I'll struggle to find a neutral area. Even if they are friends, could he get grumpy seeing his new female playing with his toys and sleeping on his blankets

    Also when this time comes for us to bring them home I'm planning to take some days off of work to observe the new relationship. If all goes reasonably well, would I be able to return to work leaving them alone together as two free range bunnies or should I have to buy a cage for the new female. I've been told I should never separate them after they're bonded.

    Thanks guys xx

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    I definitely wouldn't separate once bonded. To be honest, I never separate from the moment rabbits meet unless there's a definite sign that the bond is completely broken and unlikely to settle again. (eg, I broke River/Morning because of continued fighting until it was clear their differences were too great. Both girls are happily bonded in with other buns now.)

    Would it be possible for you to semi-neutralise a space (ie get rid of Benji's smell, all his toys included.) and keep them in that when first home, and then slowly expand it until they are totally free range again? I think that's what I'd do.
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    Yes, I think when Benji's away for that week I'll wash all the blankets and toys and store them away for when the time is right and when they come home together I'll have just the essentials for a day or so until they settle in. Then I'll bring back the toys and things along with some new ones for them (Hopefully it will be a reasonably smooth ride, he can be a nervous little man at times, I don't know what his previous owners were like or if he's just naturally like that but hopefully a lady friend will make him more relaxed

    Thanks TLC

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