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    One of my new buns, either Trevor or Alys, has been thumping loudly and rhythmically every few seconds for the past hour or so. I've been out twice to check on them, whichever one is doing it stops when I go out, I can't see anything untoward out there.

    I'm worried it's going to annoy my neighbours. My others rabbits never did this that I noticed ( they are indoor now). Trevor and Alys currently live separately with 24 hour access to their runs (until they are both neutered when I hope to introduce them), is the thumping maybe because they feel less secure living alone. It's really loud

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    They've stopped now. I'm keeping my window open so I'll hear if there's any disturbance in the garden. I did see a fox the other day so I know they are about. My runs are meshed underneath and have allegedly fox resistant skirting but I hope I'll hear if anything is happening.

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    Hi, my guess would be that something has spooked them. If you have seen foxes around then that's a possibility. We don't have them around here, but I've read that they are very persistent and will keep returning. Of course it may have been something else entirely idk x

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    Yes I'm thinking the same. I know foxes are particularly troublesome at this time of year as they are feeding litters. I have faith in my runs but it's still worrying.



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