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Thread: Two Rex Rabbits in Desperate Need Of New Home

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    Default Two Rex Rabbits in Desperate Need Of New Home

    Hi guys,

    I am the owner of two adult rex rabbits Stan and Ollie; however, unfortunately, I am now unable to care for them as I am at university and they are not getting the care and attention they deserve and need at home. They have both been neutered and will be fully vaccinated in the next few weeks, they have never been separated and are extremely close. It would be absolutely amazing if anyone was able to accommodate my two bunnies or have any advice to help me. I hate that I have to do this but they deserve better care.

    Thanks in advanced!

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    Hi, I'm sorry that you and your rabbits are in this situation. Sadly, I am unable to help you, but your post might receive some more interest if you post some further details about the rabbits, including their ages. Pictures would also help, as would an indication of where the rabbits are located.



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