I just wanted to point out when somebody mentioned about teeth, when Snoopy had his i spoke with my vet, and she said over the years more and more rabbits have had dental issues. and that's because of humans creating these "show standards" that create a more "cute" bunny. for this reason heads are built smaller and rounder all the time, and then back teeth do not line up, or grind correctly. this means that spurs happen more often as they're not grinded correctly. and i believe that elongated roots are also more common in dwarf bunnies due to the smaller and rounder heads, so less space for everything.

for this reason, lion heads, lops and dwarf breeds are much more prone to dentals due to their cute round head.

its quite sad, once again man has made a healthy animal unhealthy. i really do disagree with it.
show standard shepherds with their sloping backs, causing hip dysplasia and general uncomfort.
persian cats with their difficulty of breathing.
pugs with their difficulty breathing.
bulldogs who are unable to give birth, as the head is so big and will not fit down the birthing canal. they always have to have c-sections.

it just bugs me how we have a healthy dog and give it so many issues to make it "cute"

sorry - went off on a minor rant there lol.