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Thread: Would you have your Doe spayed? **UPDATE**

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    Quote Originally Posted by binkyCodie View Post
    indeed. from trying to rehab her (shes scared of just about everything, including grass at first) to going through that lol.

    I really hope she doesn't have to ever have to go through another GA. because otherwise I know I need 300 extra just for after if it would repeat itself if it was the GA that reacted badly lol. but since i've had her and she had her dental, touch wood, shes never had any big issues. no stasis, zilch. just an eye ulcer and ripping her dew claws off-twice

    She's quite a handful

    She's incredibly lucky to have you fighting her corner. I take my hat off to you BC xx

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    Thanks for posting this MightyMax, it's an interested read. Those who go against the grain and the current way of thinking tend to get it pretty hard, in any group. The whole point of husbandry is that it's constantly changing as we learn and discover more. Husbandry methods for any animal will never be the same in 10 years from now, it is constantly progressing. I like to keep an open mind to that, even if it goes against the grain - since every progression starts with just one discovery, and builds from there.

    Of course, we'd have to see more evidence of it to adopt a different way of thinking and doing things, as with every new progression. It is however something I've wondered about a lot, and will keep an eye on for further updates. Thanks again x



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