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Thread: Hi, new to this site! Advice for furniture

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    Default Hi, new to this site! Advice for furniture

    Hi I'm Amy and I'm a first time bunny owner. I have an 11 week old French Lop girl called Lola, who is surprisingly not too bad at chewing! She has a large pen that I normally leave her in when I am out or when going to bed, however after a bit of bunny proofing, have managed to let her have free roam of the living room whilst I am out for short periods. She always has free roam of the living room when I am at home. However, not long moved in and just ordered oak furniture for the entire apartment. I am really concerned she may start chewing when it arrives and I do not want to leave her in a pen. If I section off the furniture then there will be sections everywhere! Any advice please? Deterrents maybe? She already has a lot of toys that she doesn't play with.
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    Hi Amy and Lola. Welcome to the Forum. A lot of rabbits don't chew but if you have one that does I'm afraid I have no advice as I don't have house rabbits. It might help if she always has plenty of hay to chew. Hope she settles in well with you.

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    Hi Tonibun, thanks for the reply. Well fingers crossed she won't be interested in the new furniture! Yep, she is completely settled in- I get climbed and jumped on every day haha!

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    We have two buns, one chews the other doesn't. Hay, toys, furniture she quite happily munches it all
    We partially resolved the issue by enlarging their pen so our furniture isn't destroyed



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