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Thread: Whisper and Dusty. Just had operations!

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    What lovely little rabbits and a super set up for them, with all that space they will be lovely to watch

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    Thank you all so much for the nice comments.

    When we chose Whisper and Dusty we had to show the lady where they were going to live and the lady laughed saying there are no sides to the hutch, you won't like the mess!

    My dad has strange habits and has OCD so he wasn't liking what she said.

    So only a week after getting them I come home from school and my dad is making see through panels to keep the mess in! It made me laugh.

    You can just see the Perspex panels he had to cut in every window! He he...

    And this is me and Whisper bonding.

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    What an amazing set up! Looks like you all did your homework well done!

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    What a splendid set up they have.

    Two gorgeous little lops.

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    Bunny's pooping everywhere!!!
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    No it's just a temporary hutch for when they are being separated to go to the vets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milla View Post
    No it's just a temporary hutch for when they are being separated to go to the vets
    They should be able to stay together when they go to the vets for their operations. Even if just the boy is having an operation.

    Just make sure they go to the vets together and keep them together and they'll be fine. She'll look after him when he's feeling poorly.

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    They both getting done I think.

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    Morning everyone. Sorry I've not been on for a while but we have swapped computers.

    So... Dusty and Whisper!

    When we first got them Dusty was cheeky mischievous and curious. Whisper was very timid and shy. Now it seems its reversed. Dusty will only come out very gradually where as Whisper is behind the sofa, looking up the stairs.... you really have to see where she is, as she's still only small!

    We separated them a while ago, as Dusty was trying things with Whisper and it looked like Whisper was getting annoyed and nipping at his legs. My dad built a divide in their run so they can still see/smell/hear each other. But when we came back Dusty was in Whispers side! So we put him back and went to school.... came back and they were together. My dad bought a pet camera and set it up.... we watched it and laughed as Dusty scaled the divide in a crazy scrabble to get with Whisper. We now have a complete lid that goes over his side, which works.

    So onto litter training.... Whisper is amazing and does 1&2's in her tray 99% of the time, the odd occasional poo pops out but she's very good. Dusty on the other hand is good with 1's but poo's everywhere! and soon much!!! How can a rabbit produce so much. We took it in turns to clean up before school but in the end my dad bought a small vacuum so we just suck them all up now! he he.

    Something my mum and dad is curious about that i kind of understand, but would Dusty (the male rabbit) leave scent marks? small patches off wee? for Whisper to smell? He seems to wee in his tray, but all along the divide there are small stains, smaller than his wee's but there are quite a lot and look stronger in colour. Is this him weeing again or scent leaving like a dog does on a tree?

    Overall they are settling in well and causing trouble with my dads OCD.... there is hay/straw everywhere, even in my bed! He has adapted/changed/fixed/made to try sort it, but its impossible.

    They were born on October 26th so we are having both done on April 26th. We will keep them next to each other, make the runs smaller, but do you think I should take the stairs out as this is where Whisper goes to sleep. Will this hurt her stitches as she sometimes jumps up, or will this disturb her pattern and scare her.

    Many thanks, Milla.
    Loving my bunny Whisper.....

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    Milla you are a very clever & wise 9 year old. Yes Dusty could be marking his territory with wee but this should resolve itself after they have both had their operations and had time to recover & be reintroduced. I would take the steps out for a week or so when Whisper has her operation. Its good to hear how your patience paid off and you now have a sociable & friendly bunny ! She is very beautiful & Dusty is too



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