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Thread: Whisper and Dusty. Just had operations!

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    Default Whisper and Dusty. Just had operations!

    Hello everyone!

    I'm Milla and I have a baby rabbit called Whisper and my brother has one called Dusty. I have wanted rabbits for 3yrs now and finally my dad and mum got me one for Christmas.

    Here is Whisper (whiter one) and Dusty (white rabbit covered in dust)

    We got an indoor hutch and all was well, they were both enjoying time with us both....

    Then as they were doing so many poos we removed the rug...

    Dusty was fine but Whisper didn't like it at all. She couldn't grip so it scared her. She started thumping and was hiding and this made me so upset. So after school I came home and my dad had changed his 'chill out room' into a rabbit play room for us!

    The next few days Whisper got her confidence back and was soon back to herself, this is me with them.

    Soon they were growing in confidence...

    My dad built is so it goes into the lounge as eventually when trained they will be allowed all over the house...

    Each day Whisper is getting a little more confident and is venturing out of her safe zone (Dusty is already into the next room!)

    At the moment they need constant watching as they poo and wee everywhere! We now have straw/hey all over the house as it sticks to socks and school tights.

    My dad said he is going to get some tubing and a cat flap and make a tunnel to outside and build a big run that they can use when we are at school, but if cold or wet then they can come back in.

    We haven't tried picking them up yet but soon they will have to be separated before Dusty starts with Whisper. After the vets we will put them back together. That's why we have a tempary hutch.

    Bye for now, Milla (aged 9).
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    Aww this is lovely to see! I think whisper and dusty have a better home than me! I'm sure they are both going to be very happy! Xx

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    That's awesome, it sounds like your dad has lots of clever ideas x

    **created by my DD Lionheadlop**

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    That looks great

    Binky free at the bridge Boots, you will never be forgotten xxxx

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    What a glorious set up. Is that a hamster cage that I see on the table? I have one very similar for one of my hammies.

    Lucky rabbits and lucky you and your brother.

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    What lovely rabbits and what a wonderful new home they have!
    My precious boy, I miss you so much

    Rolo - 18th March 2009 to 14th April 2015

    Sleep well baby, I love you

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    Lovely rabbits and I'm pleased that Whisper is becoming more confident. Isn't that a super set-up that your Dad has created for them. If I were you I would give him a big squidgy hug, a large sloppy kiss and an enormous thank you Lucky rabbits.

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    That's lovely!
    You're lucky to have such a caring dad to have given up his chill room for your pet rabbits.

    I hope you and your brother have many years of happiness with your new family members.

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    Welcome, what cute bunnies it sounds like they are a big part of your family already



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