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Thread: ~Candle Ceremony ~ New Year's Eve ~ 2016~

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    I was going to make up a special photo frame for my dear Tooey, but I realized we're getting on into the new year so I'd best post before long.

    My sweet girl, please forgive me for all that I put you through. You were an exemplary patient and such a wonderful cat for 16 years. I hope we didn't keep you too long at the end and I'm sorry for how our last day went. Brother has never been the same since you left us.

    That's it, I won't say any more, but I hope you are at the Bridge waiting for me when my time comes. Griffy misses you, even if it doesn't seem like it. We all do.

    Love you to the moon and back, my beauty.

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    Default Remembering my little angel Zee

    I've lit a candle for my beloved lil baby zee who sadly passed away on December 6th 2016. I miss him so very much and love him with all my heart. He will always be with me and never forgotten. He was a beautiful rabbit who loved snuggles and affection. Such a good boy. Loved to play with his rattle and sit on his bed like a little king. Rest in peace my Lil zee xxxxxx



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