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Thread: My baby was taken so suddenly. I'm finding it so hard. Messages of support welcome

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    Thank you, yes it is the worst time of year for it, especially after such a hard year. I can only imagine how hard it will be when xmas comes around again. But the jingling of bells will always remind me of her as she had a little ball with a bell in it that she loved to toss and play with. and when i left the vets after handing her in to be sent away for cremation there were the slight jingle of wind chimes that i couldn't see so that will always be something to remember. Thank you for your words of comfort. Yes, with the good comes the bad and thats the part we accept in giving our babies such good lives. thank you so much for your words.

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    Thanks Omi, she had the cutest little face. I think i will miss that the most. It feels like it should not have happened, but it did. I'm sure im not the first or last person to feel this way and my heart goes out to anyone in a similar situation. I will of course keep in touch and send you guys news of atashi and let you know how he is doing when he gets a new friend. we are taking him to the vet tonight just to get him checked over and make sure he doesn't have anything underlying going on in this time that is already hard for him.

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    So very sorry for your loss,she was a gorgeous girlie,binky free Puff .

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    Thank you for your words of support katty. Yeah she was so cute. i mean all of our bunnies are cute, but i really do feel like her face was something special. it will be greatly missed and never replaced.

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    I'm so sorry Binky free pretty Puff xx

    Lots of beautiful buns available for adoption at Acomb Rabbit Rescue


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    Sorry for the loss of your bunny. Binky free X

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    Hi David,

    I'm so sorry that you have lost Puff. My thoughts are with you and your wife.I lost my three precious buns last month within days of each other, so I can understand what you must be going through.

    Cherish the lovely memories that you have, remember the happy times.

    What a beautiful bunny Puff was. Binky free little Puff x
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    Sleep well my babies- we will never forget you.

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    I'm so, so sorry you lost Puff . What a beautiful bunny. Sweet dreams little one xx.


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    Thank you all for your words of support. jojosmum I'm so sorry to hear about your buns. that must have been so hard. we all hold a special place in our hearts for our bunnies and when they go that part of us shakes with the loss. That part of our heart will always belong to them even if it hurts to remember them. That's the price we pay to give them a life full of love and we accept that. One day i hope to remember her with fondness without wanting to cry so much but i will always be sad that her life was so short when it was so full of love. she deserved to feel that for many years rather than just the one she spent with us. but life isn't always fair. Christmas will be hard without her. We didn't put a tree up last year, we had not long moved in and we just got her earlier in the month so things were hectic. But we put one up this year. She loved to go and nudge it and chin the low hanging decorations and we have a little red and white shoe that we said was the bunnies version of a stocking. We have decided now that will forever be her decoration and having it one our tree will mean she is always around for Christmas. Even though she is up at the rainbow bridge playing with all the other buns it would be nice if honouring her like that would I've her a window to visit us and jump around the living room for a few minutes in spirit when ever she wanted. I would like if that was how it works and it does my heart good to think so. I think maybe she is keeping an eye on Atashi right now until we get him a new friend. He is a little down and I think she would watch over him for a bit until he is settled with someone new.

    Thanks Mackers. Yeah she was beautiful. All buns of course are but look at that face. Look at the was she moved. She was so dainty and sassy. Just like with any other bun, there will never be another like her. I wrote her a little poem. Its probably kind of cheesy and likely not the best written thing due to the state I'm in but i feel like it helped me take a step forward. All of your messages are also helping. Talking to people who can understand this level of pain at losing one of my best friends means I know I'm not alone or strange for feeling so bad about her passing. Of course all the feelings of guilt still cloud my mind most days. Wishing i had seen something wrong sooner. wishing i had perhaps caught a weird bit of behavior and linked it to discomfort. But they are so good at hiding their pain. A double edged sword really. they don't want us to worry about them being in pain and hide it, but by doing so they put themselves in danger of a much worse fate because by the time they cant hide it it's so far along. Poor baby. But everyone has said I made all the right calls at the right times. Nothing else I could have done. But its hard not to think "if only i could go back in time just one week" or "I should have taken them to the vet every single week to have a full check over." Its hard, but you guys know that. once again thank you for all your words.

    We have contacted a group who do really good work in our area called Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care. That's who we got puff from. Normally they shut down adoptions of this time of year to stop anyone buying the bunnies as a xmas gift, cos as well all know they are not gifts, they are life long partners and living creatures that need looked after. We were worried when we contacted them that they would tell us we would need to wait or perhaps be annoyed about what happened to puff. But they were very sweet and understanding. of course any rabbit owner knows how these things can happen and they understood the urgency to get Atashi a new friend. They have a suitable lady for him and with any luck we should be able to pick her up before the end of this week and start the bonding process. It will do our hearts good to see him light up again as he is such a friendly and caring little rabbit and this has all been so hard on him. he is doing so well still eating and even lounging out when we have him in the living room with us. He is clearly not himself but he is keeping on.

    But nothing will ever replace his beautiful first little pal, the beautiful and precious Puff. One day he will meet her at the rainbow bridge and his heart will soar. Until then we hope to fill his life with happiness and more friends.

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    I emphasize totally to you. I am in a similar position myself currently and its just a matter of time that my bunny will pass very soon. I am very sorry for your loss and obviously your bunny was very well cared for and loved by you. That is all we can do in life is to give them a good home and you have done exactly that. Those are the words comforting me at the moment, and I hope it comforts you.



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