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Thread: Our wonderful bunnies - we miss you.

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    Default Our wonderful bunnies - we miss you.

    We lost our 3 wonderful bunnies, Teeny, Weeny and Joey (Jojo) last month. All died within days of one another. Teeny passed away on November 10th, Joey on 11th and Weeny on 16th. They became ill so quickly and died soon afterwards. It looks like it was viral haemorrhagic disease.

    We are totally devastated. We loved our bunnies and they were so much part of our family. We rescued Teeny and Weeny, who were sisters, from our local SSPCA shelter almost 4 years ago. They were just babies and we saw them grow into wonderful pets.Teeny was very much the boss between the 2 girls, Weeny was sweet and got chased a bit by her sister, but they still snuggled up to groom one another in the early days especially. Joey was also rescued. We got him from Adoption for Pets through our local Pets at Home store. Just fell in love with him when we saw him his little pen - decided straight away that he would be a great companion for our girls. He was the most wonderful, friendly, cuddly little boy and he stole our hearts. He was great with the girls and spent loads of time with them, snuggling and grooming. He seemed to be head groomer out of the 3 of them! They all spent much of the day out in our secure garden, roaming around free as I was at home all day and could keep an eye on them. We used to call them our 'free range buns'. They had a fabulous life with us, only slept in a cage at night and could come and go around the garden as they pleased, visit their big hutch or the big shed where we kept their cages for night time. We're absolutely shattered at their passing. It happened in such an unexpected and cruel way. They had so many happy years still ahead of them with our family.

    Just feel so sad. We miss them all so much. Binky free at Rainbow Bridge my babies. We will never forget you.

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    How sad, I'm sorry that you lost them in this way. I hope you have lots of happy memories of your time together. Binky free little ones x

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    Sleep tight beautiful bunnies

    I'm so sorry you lost them

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    Thank you both so much for your kind words.

    We do have wonderful memories of our time together and it's having those that helps us to bear our loss.

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    I am so sorry for your very tragic and sad losses. Hugs xxx

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    Thank you so much.

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    Oh goodness How utterly tragic, I am so very sorry

    RIP Teeny, Weeny and Joey xx

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    I'm so sorry Binky free Teeny, Weeny and Joey xx

    Binky free at the bridge Boots, you will never be forgotten xxxx

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    Thank you. You are all so very kind and I really appreciate you posting.

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    I'm so sad That's awful for you xx



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