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Thread: Do your bunnies share?

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    Nope - 'what's mine is mine - and what's yours in mine too' is the motto with my buns - especially Fenugreeks....mind you, daft eejits also steal strands of hay off each other too, even though there's loads more strands available

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrybumkin View Post
    Only sometimes! They will happily eat next to each other and play with toys but sometimes there's certainly going to be no sharing! For example the other night as part of their greens they had carrot tops (poppy's favourite) and an apple slice (oreo's) favourite and they both zoomed straight for them and immediately picked them up and ran off at speed...Unfortunately they both ran to the same little tray and froze unsure what to do. They both decided the other was busy and got on with munching!

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    the girls sometimes do this with favourite treats too. Only difference is Phoebe won't settle to eat until she's away from Daphne. By which time Daphne has finished eating and starts hunting down Phoebe.

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    They have their own special kind of 'sharing' It's not aggressive but it is high-octane-chasing sometimes! they were adorably sharing a cucumber end this morning and then one of them (no idea who, could've been either) decided it was only for them and tried to make off with it so then the other one decided to do the same and it all ended in a mad dash around, grabbing it off each other With the carrot peelings it's very much 'what's mine is mine and what's yours is also mine'! OH says because I don't have siblings I've never experienced this and therefore that's why I don't understand!

    Aboleth's good at eating something on a step etc., dropping it (she's not the daintiest eater), forgetting she even had it and going after Lopsy for whatever he's got. He usually finds hers after a few minutes
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    Mine groom each other & eat pellets from same bowl, but when it comes to veggies etc, Lilah will snatch & run. Takes things off Frankie all the time bless him. He looks dumbstruck when she does it. So of late ive started to put the veggies in, let Lilah tuck in then put more in another area for Frankie. But if she spots him she dashes over to take it. He just lets her.

    She does the same with toys too, especially the plant pots, which they both love as nice & light for throwing. Even though she has one, as soon as she notices Frankie with one, she drops hers & takes his. Madam she is

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    Ive never noticed with toys but with food/veggies/treats they run away from each other cause there both thieves!



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