So currently our two, spayed, girls who were previously bonded, live in two separate rooms, but have free range of those rooms. One in the kitchen, one in the sitting room.

Today is the day - Binky has chewed the corners on my new sofa and I just have got to get them bonded. I'm tired of having hay everywhere, and just want them back together. She is lonely (not sure about how lonely her sister is though).

How do we do this? I have some 'indoor' rabbit cages in the shed (you know those tiny ones you'd never keep a rabbit in). Should I use on of those? Where should I do this? I guess both rooms smell of a rabbit each now so I'll have to completely vingerarise them. But would doing the bonding in those rooms affect it?

Please send tips - we tried a year or so ago and I just didn't have the stamina - they just tried to fight - but I suppose that is to be expected?