Thank you MM! The leaves themselves are so spikey, I am kind of surprised that it wouldn't be a seriously painful event haha I've been feeling inspired to properly try foraging today. My new house has a huge garden in major need of some tlc, in other words weed heaven! Can anyone tell me if I've identified these right?

20171215_133224 by Rachel Brown, on Flickr

I believe the bottom one is 'Herb Robert'. The little purple flowers have passed now but I remember seeing them in summer. We have loads of it!

The small pile of dark green oval leaves are Hawkweed. I've seen Ham eating these before as they're all over the lawn. They flower orange in the summer. The giveaway is the little white hairs all over them.

I need help IDing the other three, does anyone know if they're good for rabbits? We have a lot of everything, everywhere! It's weed city in my garden.