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Thread: bonded bunnies are now fighting - help!

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    Default bonded bunnies are now fighting - help!

    Hi there,

    my first post here but I've been lurking for a few months

    I have two house bunnies, Aslan a (almost 4 months) female Norwegian Lionhead and Charlie (Almost 5 months), a Male Mini Lop. The pair came from the same source and I am their first home.

    Their cages are side by side and they know each other by sight and smell. Charlie was castrated on 2nd December.; early i know but our vet said he was big enough and ready enough! He recovered well. I have been told that Aslan is still too young to be spayed at the moment, although this will be happening when she is old enough.

    I introduced them properly at the beginning of January after the 4 week wait my vet suggested. They instantly got on, they cuddled together and ate together and were the best of friends. I still waited another week to connect their cages just in case anything went sour. It didn't, and so about two weeks ago i linked them up and so their cages are now connected and they are living man and wife .

    The problem is, 2 weeks after their cages have been linked, they've started fighting. I noticed Aslan was mounting Charlie last week, but its increased in frequency and then today they've been doing nothing but fighting; circling each other, nipping, fur is flying and they're mounting each other. No cuddles, no love... which is completely out of character for them both.

    Does anyone have any advice? When I see them fighting i pull them off each other and put them side by side - I don't separate them. Obviously I'm not watching them all the time when they're caged so I'm really worried about leaving their cages connected but i don't want to block them off and make things worse - do i separate them and re-introduce them slowly? Is there anything i can do to make this better for them?

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    It may be an idea to split them up until after your girl is spayed. Could be she is hormonal mounting your other bun and he is getting tired of it and having a go back, buns can do serious damage to each other when fighting xx

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    Thanks for the input Jojo. Its interesting, i think you're right because it is definitely her doing the provoking. Charlie seems quite content just wondering around and i think his aggression is more a defensive thing. She's doing most of the mounting for sure.
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    Female buns can be hormonal little monsters until they are spayed so I'd also advise separating them until a few weeks after she's been spayed.

    Good luck!

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    Are you sure Aslan is a female?



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