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Thread: Frances Harcourt-Brown 2017 Owners Days U/D P821 - next event 16 September 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny Buddy View Post
    I'm sure she would throw her hands up in horror at that suggestion, she couldn't be more different to Professor Noel as regards the limelight. ... as regards the 'things to do' list, I think RHD2 has pretty much taken that over, which is such bad timing as she has so much to compile re the website, case reports etc.... but amazing that she is contributing so much to RHD2 albeit most of it is stuff going on in the background.
    Her work on RHD2 is invaluable and proof (not that 'proof' is needed) of her total dedication to advancing the knowledge of Rabbit Medicine. I am sure that being a Vet was never 'just a job' for her x

    Links to information about various health problems that can affect Rabbits :
    NB- If you think your Rabbit is unwell it is essential to seek immediate veterinary attention.

    The RWAF Owner Conference 2019 ~

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    The biographies are on now, I'm totally in awe of what they have achieved, especially considering they were running a small practice of their own and not working for a big organisation that was funding their studies:

    The talk entitled "The Out of Hours Vet" is of particular interest and relevance to me given my recent experience with Dusty. It would be good if it inspires vets to realised there is so much more to learn about rabbits especially in emergency situations.

    Their son is also speaking... who also achieves great things:

    And, so far 32 speaks listed.. 15% of them being Harcourt-Browns!!
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