Hi there all, I've just joined up because I seriously need some advice on our situation! We've got two lovely fluffs, Max and Timmy. We got Max first but, after neutering him, then decided to get him a female bun for company. We got Poppy, but on "her" first trip to the vets we were told she was a he! Which explained why Max was so aggressive to him, even through the cages. So we chose to rename him Timmy now they're both older (Max is 18 months and Timmy is 14 months) we would like to try and bond them. They currently live totally seperately- Max in the lounge, Timmy in the back porch area/hallway. I just think if they were to have each other's company they would be much happier. We also feel bad for Timmy as we spend a lot of time in the lounge so Max sees us a lot more than he does.
Max is a very friendly bunny but he is very aggressive towards the cat, and he used to be aggressive towards Timmy...they haven't seen each other in a while, however. I find it odd because Timmy is the one who is "in tact", yet he is very laid back and never attacks the cat or Max. Perhaps Max is intimidated by him because he's 'whole'? We are getting Timmy neutered at the start of April.
Do you think it's impossible for us to bond them? Or do you think after we have neutered Timmy Max will find him less threatening and we can begin the process? I would love nothing more for them to both have a friend, but we cannot realistically afford to get two more bunnies for them, and we're not prepared to give one of them up for adoption because they're our babies! They could continue living seperately but I feel they would be missing out.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help