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Thread: Made a realization

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    Default Made a realization

    I can't stay bunnyless I'm so miserable, so I've made a decision I have to many pets,and family stuff at the minute but I sat down last night and realized with the exception of the cat all my pets are getting really old the guinea pigger is 6 now so I've set up a rabbit fund so when I am small furriless (hopefully couple of years yet I love my Hamish piggy) there will be rabbits in my house again I said no never again but I just cannot bear not having furry faces greeting me my house is so empty without Evan and Dana Christmas was absolutely awful without them they won't ever be replaced but I will open my doors to a rabbit again
    Not sure why posting just all my friends think I'm daft the have seen a change in my mood but think it's weird that it's because there are no rabbits in my house.

    Rest well at the bridge Evan,Finley and miss bossy boots til we meet again my darlings

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    sending hugs. I'm glad you are going to be a bunny mummy again one day

    Binky free at the bridge Boots, you will never be forgotten xxxx

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    I totally understand, as will most of us on here.

    I always say "no more rabbits" after these 4 have left me as I can't bear the heartbreak, but I can't imagine my house without buns in it. It would feel empty
    Gemma, mum to;

    My beautiful Tilly left me for the bridge 11/01/2010. I love and miss her every single day. Sweet dreams precious girl, lifes not the same without you xxxxxxxxxxxxx



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