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    I have 2 buns, the one ( babs, female) was really aggressive, I'm pretyy sure she was abused.
    When I first got her home she was really aggressive and she would snort and attack me. But now she's calm and a sweet heart.
    She seemed lonely so I got her a mate, I choose a mellow super passive bun named Winston. You can walk right up to him and he doesn't move... he has the mentality of a cat.. So nice.

    When the 2 of them met it was love at first sight. They have been together for a year now.

    Long story short

    I noticed a big scrape on my boy winstons back. If they were fighting wouldn't this of happened sooner? And wouldn't this continue to happen?

    Today when I was hanging with my buns they seemed the same happy and lovey.

    Has anyone had there Bun hurt themselves on there living space?

    I searched for evidence of that but found nothing. That's why I think there was a fight

    I'm just not sure how I should deal with this. I don't want to separate them. But I don't want my poor boy to get beat up.

    Has anyone had similar issues?


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    When mine were fighting there was fur everywhere! Have you noticed any fur about? He may have done it some other way

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    No, just the usual amount of fur from then shedding. Maybe he got caught on something and I haven't found where yet. ... my buns live in my unfinished basement. But all my storage is in plastic bins and its all open. So there's not to many hiding places

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    There's a huge chunk of fur missing from his poor back though.

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    You'd probably get a lot more replies if you posted this in the behaviour and bonding section. It'd be worth re-posting it there, as people who feel they can help with situations like this frequent that part of the forum



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