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Thread: bringing outdoor buns in during winter

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    Default bringing outdoor buns in during winter

    Hi! Quick question............

    Is it safe to bring a normally outdoor bunny inside in the middle of winter? I mean move him inside then back outside when the weather gets milder i.e spring??


    Mum to 2 boys aged 5&11!!!!

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    Personally I'd try to start off in a cooler area initially ie, a conservatory or room with window open, and then into a warmer part of the house. It's not such an issue that way around but I personally try to avoid sudden changes in temp as much as possible.

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    Yes, it is fine to do this. Rabbits don't cope well with sudden changes in temperature, so once you bring the bun in it is very important that they don't go outside again until well into spring.

    I brought my rabbit in for the winter in November 2011, but he didn't go out again in the spring and is now a house rabbit!



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