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    Default Boarding advice

    Has anyone used the rabbit boarding from London Dog Walkers? Are they reputable? Does the description sound alright on there? The bit about pre/pro-biotics seems a bit odd - is that a common thing? They're based in Streatham, apparently, which is apparently an hour on public transport from me (probably longer with heavy buns in tow!) but I can't find anywhere nearer.

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    If I was you I would contact them and go through any questions that you may have and go and visit to see if I felt comfortable with their set up.

    There is nothing about vaccination requirement, bedding that they use, accomodation size including if they give them access to a run area, if the accomodation is indoor or outdoor etc.
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    It also looks as if they do ferret boarding, although its not clear whether it is at the same or different premises, that is something I would want to know as I personally would not board my bunnies somewhere that also boarded ferrets. Even if they a nowhere near them, I would not be happy with the smell transfer even if just on clothes or hands. They may well be at a completely different premises though, in which case that wouldn't bother me.
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    Sorry I haven't heard of them.

    Best thing is to go and visit beforehand and ask as many questions as poss.

    Best of luck.



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