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    Hi everyone,

    I know I'm quite a bad forum member as I can't get on very often, but sadly I had to have my beloved bunny pts on Monday as he had a tooth abscess on top of his other problems and had given up and was suffering. He was given some treatment but, even with pain relief, clearly wasn't coping and so it seemed kindest.

    I really miss him of course, but I'm feeling a bit empty without a bun or some gps to look after.

    I live with my parents and one bun is the absolute maximum I'm allowed, and realistically what I can afford as I know how much the vet bills come to if they get a long term condition, and so I can't rescue a new bun it seems which is a bit of a shame.

    Anyway, what do you all recommend as what to look out for when getting a new bun. Harry was so lovely and docile which meant that my family all helped look after him as they could pick him up etc, I'd ideally like another bunny like this. I know from previous experience that when getting a very young animal it's hard to tell what their personality will be like, so what age would you think is a good one to see the bunny at?

    I'm thinking of either a mini lop, dwarf lop or maybe even a French lop. I have a huge secure garden and outside pen, and need to buy a new hutch anyway, which will be kept inside a large log cabin, so exercise space etc isn't an issue, even in torrential rain or snow! Yes, I have a bit of a thing about lops!

    My other option is to get some gps, which I've had all my life, but somehow I really want another bunny as they need a bit more time and exercise, which is good for me as well as them!
    I'd love to hear your advice,
    EDIT: Please admire lovely Harry on my profile pic, wasn't he beautiful?

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    there are pros and cons to both young and old buns

    if you get a young bun, you have the chance to bring the rabbit up how you want to, so depending on how much work you put in to socialize and interact i guess depends on how the bunny will turn out

    but some older rabbits will alreayd be like this, but theres the risk of 'whats happened in their previous home' etc

    I raised my grayson from 4 weeks old! and we have a close relationship like none of my other buns!!!
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