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Thread: finding right hutch within price limit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterbunny View Post
    Hi Molly35,

    I've thought about a shed (we have a big enough garden) but I just can't get my head around how dark they might be? I know there is a thread with lots of ideas so I'll have a look through that tonight.
    ITs very easy to put extra windows in a shed - I've put three extra windows in one of my sheds so that the rabbits who live upstairs have two windows, and the ones who live downstairs have two windows, so even in the winter when the doors will be mainly closed, they have plenty of light and still have access to their runs via hatches

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    Oh yes a shed I'm having a 6x4 shed. It will have windows but we are leaving those in and getting some little air vent things going to mesh the inside so they can't chew the wood and lino, with a table as litter tray making area and they can jump on

    A tongue and groove shed, I'm spending 199 on one with free delivery off eBay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rupert & Tia View Post
    the shed is 6ft x 4ft (then each shelf is 4ft x 3ft)... inside they have a bed box, and a cardboard box filled with straw

    This is their shed: they don't have the soft bed on the top anymore - because they chewed it, they have various cardboard boxes now, cos they just chew them we put perspex on the door in winter (but we leave some mesh at the top for ventilation) to stop rain, and keep it a bit warmer but they still get light this is quite an old pic - they now have a huuuuuge canopy above the door too (again to stop rain and help us to not get wet)..... they love their shed i always think it looks small cos i cant take a pic at a better angle cos our house is in the way

    eta: they now have two underbed storage boxes, and a corner litter tray on the bottom, cos they forgot their litter trained habits when we went on holiday and they have carpet to go in, and new lino (which is going up the walls on the bottom level), and they have a new wooden tunnel on the top too - and they have their food hay on their top shelf now (they eat more if its up there)
    Oh wow, Pete would love that shed!

    Hmm think I need to convince hubby to stretch the budget a little It is my birthday on Monday after all A new hutch is my present

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    yeh do it the shelves were sooo cheap - the wood was in homebase skip, and the brackets were 90p each

    there is going to be a drop down panel on the top shelf (when john gets round to it ) cos its a pain in the bum to clean out (i cant reach it, john has to do it )

    Its funny cos they have all this space..... and spend nearly all their time on the top lol

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    Can you put a shed on grass? would I need to lay it on something??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterbunny View Post
    Can you put a shed on grass? would I need to lay it on something??
    You could put paving slabs on the grass mine dont have a permanent run (id rather the shed was where it is - its sheltered from the sun in summer and its tucked between the fence and the house so the wind doesn't get it (behind it is bamboo) and we couldn't get a run in the space, plus we have a visitiing fox everyday so wouldn't feel comfortable them having a run - so they get an hour every morning (work day) and at least 3 hours when i get in free range round half the garden / house on weekends if the weathers nice and im in and not busy, they're out

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    I have two of the 6 ft Happy hutches with the run underneath and can reccommend them but you would also need to have it on paving slabs. I have sheds too with runs attached which are my preference as ther is more indoor space for the rabbits and it is much easier in winter for cleaning, feeding etc. I have pictures posted here of one of the sheds
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    You could do wendy house with attached run...

    I'm normally on my phone, please forgive any typing errors!

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    The shed house looks awesome. I am gonna put some shelves in ours now. Brucey would love it.

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    I'd say wendy house or shed too for that budget - if you have a look at this folder on my Facebook page Emma, you will get an idea of how you can do a mesh door for the airflow/light issue. And of course you can remove the plexiglass too and replace with mesh for warmer days. In my opinion single storey hutchs win over double storey every time because not all bunnies like going up ramps and certainly as they get older it becomes harder. This however offers the best of both worlds and if you are quick you might get it before someone else snaps it up.

    This one gives you some ideas for interiors

    if you want some ideas before you buy and also before you adopt then you can come and visit so you know what sort of thing rescues will require when you do get Peter a friend.

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