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Thread: finding right hutch within price limit

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    Oooo I love those shelves! I have a playhouse and attached run, nearly done insulation it then going to put some shelves in these look fab!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rupert & Tia View Post
    the shed is 6ft x 4ft (then each shelf is 4ft x 3ft)... inside they have a bed box, and a cardboard box filled with straw

    This is their shed: they don't have the soft bed on the top anymore - because they chewed it, they have various cardboard boxes now, cos they just chew them we put perspex on the door in winter (but we leave some mesh at the top for ventilation) to stop rain, and keep it a bit warmer but they still get light this is quite an old pic - they now have a huuuuuge canopy above the door too (again to stop rain and help us to not get wet)..... they love their shed i always think it looks small cos i cant take a pic at a better angle cos our house is in the way

    eta: they now have two underbed storage boxes, and a corner litter tray on the bottom, cos they forgot their litter trained habits when we went on holiday and they have carpet to go in, and new lino (which is going up the walls on the bottom level), and they have a new wooden tunnel on the top too - and they have their food hay on their top shelf now (they eat more if its up there)
    Where did you get the wire from for the top shelf? Hmmm mucho inspiration

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    Quote Originally Posted by lioness178 View Post
    Where did you get the wire from for the top shelf? Hmmm mucho inspiration
    It's actually a wire garden shelving unit cut up - Its going to be put in a frame then hinged so it flips down

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    The 6ft version of this is 164

    I know the run is too small really, but as you'd be putting him in your bigger run daily I dont think thats a problem, and it gives a really good amount of permenant space.

    But personally, I think a shed is better, and I'd love to have one myself, as its much easier to socialise with them in there, especially in winter.

    I'd get the accommodation and the friend sooner rather than later so he has some nice cosy accommodation and a friend to snuggle up to in the cold. It would be great if they could move in (freshly bonded) together as well, as it would be neutral territory.

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    Some neat setups there. Years ago I converted an old garden shed to house 4 rabbits and it was superb. It had plastic tubes, balls and all sorts of things to keep them amused. Although I'm tempted to now look for a greenhouse to house my Bunnies. I like metal greenhouses, but i'd much prefer one of the wooden greenhouses that I've seen. Although they are quite a bit more money to buy.



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