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    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first time posting on here so I apologise if im posting in the wrong place.

    My name is Jodie and I currently have 2 gorgeous Mini Lop's called Max and Ruby. The are living in a converted wendy house with attached run and are very loved happy bunnies.

    I have now however, got my heart set on getting a French Lop as a house bun, I viewed him last night and fell instantly in love with him, but Im hoping someone could give me some advice on the best indoor housing ideas for him as obviously he will get quite big.

    Many Thanks


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    Do you have a room, or an area in a room that you could set aside for him? Best to have the whole room made out as a bunny room, really there is no crates / cages that would be large enough to be shut in. A crate as a base, in the corner with the litter tray etc in is a good idea, but the door open and allowed free range of the room / house even!

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