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Thread: Abscess advice needed please :(

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    Well the wound has opened up and I can feel a larger lump behind it which to me feels like the abcess has returned. He's ok in himself. Roll on tomorrow when we see the specialist.
    Trying to work out how to post a photo.

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    photo of his surgical wound today, 6 days post op.

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    Just an update.
    Saw rabbit vet again. Shes going to x ray and reopen the wound tomorrow. Yikes. She thinks it is the abscess again.
    Hes to continue on oral baytril and oral meloyidil and penicillin injections every 2 days.
    She will leave the wound open and pack it with manuka honey for me to continue to do so at home.
    I'm hoping and praying it has not spread to his jaw. She looked at his teeth which appeared fine.

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    I think leaving the wound open is a very good idea. I hope that the Xray shows no boney involvement.

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    Good luck.

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    It's good news in a way. The x rays showed his jaw and teeth to be fine
    The abscess was reopened and cleaned up and left open. He is to continue with painkillers, baytrill and penicillin injections as well as me washing the wound twice a day and packing it with honey.
    I'm so glad to have him home. he looks old and tired but that's understandable. I managed to clean the wound with aerosol saline, then dry it and then put the honey in- it's already seeping out and the other bunny tries to lick it!
    Back on friday for follow up.
    Thanks everyone and hope those other poorly buns perk up soon.

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    Manuka honey is great!

    How is he doing now?
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    How is your rabbit now?
    I've got one with the same problem, discovered it on Wednesday.
    He's on antibiotics , painkillers and flushing out then applying Manuka honey but the abcess looks open hard and horrible today.



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