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Thread: why don't they eat the grass by their front door?

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    Default why don't they eat the grass by their front door?

    My two netherland dwarf rabbits are doing a brilliant job of "mowing" the lawn and I haven't had to cut it since I got them last August. Only thing is they seem to have stopped eating the area around the door of their shed so I have got about a 2 metre square area of over grown grass. I don't know whether to leave it so they have something to munch on in the winter when the grass stops growing or whether there is a reason they will not eat grass so close to home?

    Thanks Hazel

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    I think they are probably saving it. Mine have some in their run that they don't eat but when I let them out they go around and eat all the other grass. In winter they will eat it all.

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    because that is the camouflage for their entrance -

    in the wild they always try and leave overgrown grass or brambles etc to cover the entrances.

    They will eat it in winter when nothing else is left.
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