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Thread: Sudden Death

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mossy View Post
    My friend buried the rabbit as soon as it died, before I knew it died. My rabbit is fine.

    My friend (Hannah is her name) got 2 cute mini/holland lop mixes as a replacement for her lost rabbit. One is blue, the other is broken black. They are brothers, and so adorable!

    I got them from a lady selling rabbits on Craigslist. She isn't any breeder, just wanted to give her extra rabbits a new home. I already told her about it, and she says that that has never happened to any of her rabbits before.
    I would still get your rabbit checked over by the vet, if you haven't done so already. I'd just talk to the vet about it and get them to check them over when you go for their first vaccinations, which I imagine you'll be doing in the next couple of days anyway as its myxi season.

    If the brothers arent yet neutered I would also talk to the vet about getting them done as soon as the balls drop, to prevent them falling out, fighting and injuring each other, as its really rare for unneutered males to get along once they hit puberty.
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