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Thread: bonding 2 males.. advice pls!

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    Default bonding 2 males.. advice pls!

    We have two 5mth old lionhead males Ted & Frank, who were both neutered 6wks ago.. and in the last wk we have starting trying to bond them back together. We have done it in a new area, and at short intervals once a day. The 1st few times went ok, with them both licking eachother.. but now the last few times they have started fighting, with them being quite aggressive & jumping all over eachother with hair being pulled out. We have tried stopping it before it gets too far, spraying them with a water bottle & pushing them apart, but they just jump straight bk at eachother. It seems to be Ted starting it more, with Frank just reacting back. When going to pick Ted up now he gets abit jumpy, & has tried even nipping me.. which he has never done before. Is this all normal? & will they eventually just get there with time? Any advice would be great!!

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    Hi there. Did bunnies fight before they were neutered? Becauuse if they did then neutering won't probably stop that. To be honest I am not sure if your 2 boys will ever get on wiith each other. Most brothers start fiighting at 14 weeks and you are very lucky when brothers don't fight as it is not the norm. I am very sorry I know how you feel. I have just had to separate mother and daughter. Rabbits have some strange ways - but we love them!

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    I would try for a little longer my two boys didnt get castrated until 8 months and they are fine with each other not one fight so it is possible. However they were never split up so they always had that bond.

    If after a couple of weeks they are still trying to fight then maybe they just are not meant to be together.

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    when we 1st got them they were fine together for about 1mth, and then all of a sudden they had a fight so we had to separate them.. i think we'll keep trying it for abit longer. is really sad tho



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